Dr. Kumar was recently featured in Every Mother’s article ‘Ask the Urologist’

Posted on: March 20th, 2020 by Angelish Kumar

Dr. Angelish Kumar was recently interviewed by the team at Every Mother for an article titled, ‘Ask the Urologist: Interview with Dr. Angelish Kumar’. Read an excerpt of the interview here:

When it comes to pregnancy and the postpartum period, there is an unacceptable gap in care and dialogue around the problems women face. From abdominal wall separation (diastasis recti) to pelvic organ prolapse, stress incontinence to umbilical hernia – the plethora of conditions women experience can leave them feeling far from “normal.” More often than not, these symptoms are dismissed as a consequence of pregnancy and childbirth, something to live with and accept. But at Every Mother, we firmly believe in advocating for our health and kicking dysfunction to the curb. Knowledge is power, so we go straight to the source, speaking with doctors and experts in their field so that you have the insights and tools to get the healthcare experience you deserve at every stage of motherhood.

This week, we interviewed urologist Dr. Angelish Kumar to learn everything we can about the urinary system during pregnancy and postpartum, common urology problems, and the treatments to resolve them.

Read the full interview.

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