Filler Injections for Bladder Leakage

How do fillers work?

  • Filler injections are an effective and non-surgical treatment for stress incontinence
  • Add volume to the urethral tissue to create a tighter seal
  • Tightening the seal makes you less prone to leaking with coughing, sneezing, or exercising.

Why we love fillers:

  • Safe and effective – 92% patient satisfaction rate
  • Immediate results – it works as soon as it is injected
  • No downtime – this is an office procedure done with local anesthesia
  • No surgery – fillers do not carry the same risks associated with surgical procedures
  • No mesh – no risk for problems with mesh grafts with this procedure
  • Can also be used in women who still leak after having had mesh sling

At Women’s Urology New York, Dr. Kumar uses Bulkamid hydrogel, which is a filler designed for the urethra. Bulkamid is a water-based gel which has been used safely in over 70,000 women with stress incontinence.

These injections can only be performed by urologists or urogynecologists such as Dr. Kumar, who have undergone years of education, training and have extensive experience with procedures involving the urethra and bladder.

To determine whether you are a good candidate for this procedure, schedule an appointment with Dr. Kumar for a consultation and physical exam.

How is the injection done?

In the office, you will receive local anesthetic to numb the nerves inside and around the urethra. A cystoscope (which looks like a short tube with a camera at the end) is then gently placed into the urethra, which allows for visualization inside the urethra. A small needle is then inserted thorough the scope, and the bulkamid gel is injected in 3-4 areas circumferentially underneath the mucosa to plump up the tissue and augment the closure mechanism. You will feel a stinging or a slight burning sensation when the needle is inserted.

After the procedure, we will make sure you are able to urinate before you go home.

How effective is the procedure?

In a study which compared patient satisfaction with Bulkamid versus the sling surgery, 92% of women reported being very satisfied with the Bulkamid procedure. Due to the efficacy of bulkamid, the ability to have it done in the office without downtime, and the lack of serious adverse events associated with this procedure, the patient satisfaction rate is high. For the best results, we recommend doing 2 injections about 12 weeks apart.

To learn more about Bulkamid, click here.

What should I expect afterward?

You should notice an improvement in your urinary leakage immediately after the procedure, and that you no longer require as many, or any pads at all.
Immediately after the injection, it may take longer for you to empty your bladder. You may feel the stream is slow or weak. It is very important relax during voiding and not push the urine out. The stream should start to feel normal again in 1-2 days.

Patient Testimonial

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