Insurance & Fees

Dr. Kumar takes great care in ensuring you have a pleasant experience and that you have been given a thorough review of your treatment options. She believes that developing strong relationships with patients is critical to practicing good medicine, and that every care plan should be tailored to each individual patient. In today’s environment, insurance plans do not value the time and dedication required to practice this way. Therefore Dr. Kumar is unable to participate as an in-network provider with any of the insurance plans.

Fees for services are due upfront at the time of service, and our office can assist you with submitting the claim to your insurance company. Please be aware that submission of the claim does not guarantee your insurance will reimburse the entire fee. Dr. Kumar’s fee may be more than the rate your insurance company allows for a certain type of visit or procedure, and it also depends on your deductible and co-insurance. Please also be aware that if you have a high deductible for your in-network insurance plan, fees for your in-network doctors would also not be covered by your insurance until you have met that deductible.

The lab and radiology centers we use do participate with insurance plans, so if any testing is ordered, that would be covered according to your plan. We also participate with in-network surgical facilities.

We understand that patients have financial concerns, and our staff can provide you with upfront information about fees, as well as help you determine the status of your benefits and coverage if you require a procedure. We strongly encourage you to contact the office at 646-389-0748 if you are interested in making an appointment.

Our office accepts checks, cash and credit cards. We also offer CareCredit.