A Certain Age Podcast, Episode: Laugh, Sneeze, and Work out Pee-Free

Posted on: April 29th, 2021 by Angelish Kumar

Dr. Angelish Kumar was recently featured on ‘A Certain Age’ podcast episode titled, ‘Laugh, Sneeze, and Work out Pee-Free’. In this episode Dr. Kumar and host Katie Fogarty discuss how a female urologist can stop urinary leakage, bladder infections, and even help you have better sex.

Listen to the episode here.

About the podcast

The ‘A Certain Age’ podcast discuss life for women on after 50 who are unafraid to age out loud. A Certain Age celebrates life 50+ in all its sexy, smart, funny, fabulous, weird, sometimes unsettling, yet profoundly liberating glory. Host Katie Fogarty, a former journalist turned career coach, dives deep with women who are aging without apology. We talk career, beauty, family, books, money, wellness, fashion, and fun. New episodes every Monday, give or take. #AgeBoldlyBeauties.

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