Women’s Urology New York is excited to offer women the opportunity to learn and ask questions about over the counter products for pelvic floor health and menopause. Given that pelvic floor rehabilitation is an extremely important part of incontinence and prolapse treatment, Dr. Kumar feels her patients should know that there are well designed and practical options for home use.

Dr. Kumar understands that buying these types of products can be intimidating, and therefore offers patients the ability to look at and discuss the right product for them while they are in the office.

Dr. Kumar has carefully curated a group of products based on design, clinical studies, and ingredients. As a convenience for patients, these products are also available for purchase in the office, but can easily be bought directly from the manufacturer, or from a major retailer, such as Amazon.

Feel free to explore what we currently have and stay tuned to see what else makes the list!

Disclaimer – Please be advised that, for your convenience, we are offering certain products for purchase, including, but not limited to, devices to help maintain pelvic floor strength, vaginal dilators, and moisturizers. You are not obligated to buy these products from us, as these products, as well as other similar products, can be obtained elsewhere and you will not receive any incentive or discount in your medical treatment if you purchase products from our practice. The Practice makes no representations or guarantees regarding any clinical outcomes as a result of products recommended by or purchased from the Practice.